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Personalized gifts make choosing the right present for a colleague or loved one that bit more thoughtful. Particularly popular are hand decorated, individually designed plates and bowls which can be commissioned to celebrate wedding nuptials, birthdays or the birth of a new family member. Each piece is made from stoneware fired to 1280 degrees, making each piece hardwearing, robust and durable. They are oven proof, frost proof, microwave proof and dishwasher proof. Below are some examples of past commissions and the price guide is beneath.  CALL US on 01273 483295 to order.

All these designs/patterns can be produced on a plate >See PLATES


PLEASE NOTE :All items are handmade and due to technical reasons, colour variations may occasionally occur in finished works.




Bowls have a foot ring and are also decorated with a pattern on the underside as well as on the inside.  

Dishes are generally shallower than bowls. They also do not have a foot ring and are decorated on the underside with a simple plain colour border instead of a pattern.

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